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What is EcoBuild?

EcoBuild is a program to stimulate energy and environmental awareness through the promotion and use of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technology, materials and techniques in new construction.

EcoBuild construction standards exceed local building codes and common building practices. By following these guidelines, builders can construct single-family and multi-family homes that use less energy and water, while providing greater occupant comfort.

Benefits of EcoBuild Construction

EcoBuild homes are designed to be 30% more energy efficient than typical residential construction. To accomplish this, participating builders follow a set of EcoBuild guidelines to meet key energy and environmental goals. Homes built to EcoBuild standards feature.

  • More efficient air conditioning system
  • Better-designed and installed ductwork that has been tested to ensure performance
  • Better windows and roofing material to minimize heat gain
  • Recycled materials—such as wall studs or carpeting—to keep construction materials out of the landfills
  • Interior finishes—such as paints and stains—with low volatile organic compounds (VOC), those “new smell” gases that can cause respiratory problems
  • Native or adapted plants to reduce landscape watering

EcoBuild homes are inspected twice to ensure compliance with guidelines. An on-site inspection is performed before the drywall is installed to verify that insulation; mechanical systems and other behind-the-wall measures are in place. A second inspection is performed at building completion. During this inspection, all components are verified and the heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system is tested for air tightness.

Does it cost more to build green?

It depends on the type of equipment and materials you specify and how well your contractors size systems. Some required items, such as 12 SEER air conditioners, have a higher purchase price than the industry minimum 10 SEER unit. However, you may be able to use a model with less tonnage in an EcoBUILD home than in a typical home, due to lower heat gain and better duct systems. This size savings may offset the added cost of the more efficient model. Other “green building” components—from native plants to low VOC paints and finishes—are comparably priced so there is little or no added cost.

Clinton Richardson Home Construction
Clinton Richardson Home Construction
Clinton Richardson Home Construction