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Clinton Richardson Home Construction
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New Home Construction

How We Build

New Home ConstructionYour home and your neighborhood are special places. They are where you nurture a family, build lasting relationships and celebrate all that life brings. That is why, at Clinton Richardson Homes, where you live is more than just brick and mortar to us.

Clinton Richardson Homes builds quality housing and neighborhoods by empowering employees to use their knowledge, experience and skills gained from years of experience to exceed the expectations of our customers. Whether we are building a single-family home or resort-style vacation house for you, Clinton Richardson Homes always strives to offer prompt, courteous service from the first time you walk in our door.

Clinton Richardson Homes' professional sales staff enhances your home-buying experience with insight and counsel on home designs, architectural and decorating options, contract details, and information on your neighborhood and community. Our estimating and purchasing teams utilize proprietary planning and process management tools to support on-time, on-budget home building. Our qualified construction and field managers help you understand the building process while they oversee it. Our innovative construction techniques help us deliver a quality home with efficiency and value. Our trained warranty personnel are ready to assist you so you get the most out of your new home.

Our Commitment

We are committed to the application of responsible construction practices and materials that promote efficiency, value and environmental integrity in every home we build.

New Home Buyer Information

Seven Simple Steps to Home Ownership

  1. CHOOSE YOUR FLOOR PLAN AND HOMESITE. Select the home that best suits your needs from a variety of exciting styles and sizes. Then go with your New Home Counselor to the home site of your choice and see how it feels to you and your family.
  2. CHOOSE YOUR COLOR COORDINATION PACKAGE. You decide what best fits your style from a variety of professionally coordinated interior and exterior decorator themes.
  3. SECURE YOUR HOMESITE. Work with your New Home Counselor to complete a contract and secure a home site for the construction of the home you have chosen.
  4. APPLY FOR YOUR MORTGAGE. Your New Home Counselor will refer you to a mortgage company that will make financing your home as easy as possible.
  5. BEGIN CONSTRUCTION. Several years of quality home building experience will now be applied to the construction of your new home.
  6. COMPLETE YOUR NEW HOME. Your home has been accepted by you and your loan has been approved by your lender.
  7. CLOSE ON YOUR NEW HOME. The title company finalizes the paperwork, allowing you to pick up your keys from your New Home Counselor and start living in your new home.
Clinton Richardson Home Construction
Clinton Richardson Home Construction
Clinton Richardson Home Construction