You need a system!

There are no two ways around it if you are going to have your marketing and sales automated, attract clients, and ensure you earn as much as you want from affiliate marketing.

To create that system, you need Kartra. It’s a simple yet powerful tool that provides everything you need to create your system in one platform.

Here’s what Makes Kartra Stand Out:

1. It’s an all-in-one solution with everything you need, yet it costs the same as Clickfunnels and other competing systems.
2. Kartra has the industry’s highest deliverability rates.
3. It gives you the ability to implement Behavioral Adaptive Marketing (or BAM) even on its least package.

*BAM or ‘Behavioral Adaptive Marketing,’ makes it possible for you to automate a customized experience for your leads individually. What that means is that, when a lead watches a video to a particular point or clicks on a one link instead of another on a webpage or in an email, the system will customize the emails, pages, offers or videos that the lead sees in your funnel and it all happens automatically. As a result, each person gets a personalized experience as they enter your marketing funnel. Consequently, the value of each lead and customer is significantly increased as more people will buy your products as the experience was customized to them.

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Email Deliverability

Kartra is the undisputed leader when it comes to email deliverability rates. What this simply means for you is that you get to make more money since more a whole lot more people will open your emails when you use Kartra.

We have spoken with a lot of 6 and 7-figure internet marketers who are currently stuck with Clickfunnels since they had their funnels built in the platform several years back. So many of them want to switch to Kartra. If you even look closely at the funnels of many of Clickfunnels’ top referrers, you’ll notice they have integrated Kartra into the internal pages they have.

Kartra is the future and it’s available to you now.

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